More than a Partnership

Together we achieve more! – That is our goal

I stands for Invent, as a synonym for discovery and development. M stands for Market, as a synonym for reach and target group. O is for Operate, as a synonym for taking action and lending a hand.

La Grande Familia

The IMO Group is an association of several companies from different industries. Together we are strong, so we rely on mutual give and take within our partnerships. Everyone benefits from everyone.

We are constantly expanding our community and would like to give other companies the opportunity to join the IMO Group. Together we achieve more, that is our goal.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

The most precious commodity in our society is time. That is why we value our partners’ time. We respect each other and live intercultural diversity. In our partnerships, longevity comes before financial interests. We do business only according to the win-win principle and generally reject win-lose trades.